8 facts about CBD oil you’ll wish you’d known earlier

8 facts about CBD oil you’ll wish you’d known earlier

Wellness is better late than never.

We’re firm believers about the role that CBD oil can play in wellness. That passion is why we spend our days researching, creating and refining the most effective, high-quality CBD rich hemp extracts on the market today.

We’ve picked up a bit of knowledge along the way – and we’ve been asked a lot of questions. Here are the 8 CBD facts we find ourselves sharing and explaining to customers.

1 Not all CBD is created equally
Full-spectrum hemp extracts and its isolate cousin are both CBD. But one has more to offer.

Full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil contains not only unadulterated pure active CBD, but also many other active vital cannabinoids that work together in a synergistic way to bind to key receptors and maximize the effectiveness of CBD. For more information regarding all of the active components in CBD, please see our article titled “the benefits of whole hemp CBD extracts”.

CBD isolate. CBD isolate is CBD that has been “isolated” during an extraction process that uses harsh chemical solvents to strip away all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and components of the plant. The result includes only CBD – and none of the plant matter, cannabinoids and fatty acids found in full-spectrum CBD.

2 CBD oil isn’t the same as hemp seed oil
The two may come from the same plant, but they’re not the same thing.

Hemp seed oil. The hemp seed oil found on supermarket shelves is the result of cold-pressing hemp seeds. It’s a nutritious product rich in fatty acids, omegas and fiber, but doesn’t contain the cannabinoids found in CBD oil. It’s perfectly fine to add it to your diet – but don’t expect it to work like full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil.

CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted (not pressed like seeds). It’s created from the hemp plant using a supercritical extraction process designed to retain the plant’s essence with minimal to no chemical residues. Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil contains cannabinoids and a wealth of other components that creates its wellness inducing properties.

3 CBD oil won’t get you high
CBD and THC are both found naturally in hemp. But only one gets you high.

CBD oil. Pure CBD oil is non-intoxicating and virtually free of THC. While it technically contains trace amounts of THC, those numbers have to stay under 0.3%. That means that you won’t have to worry about getting high.

Oils containing THC. THC, on the other hand, is psychotropic. Some CBD oils on the market today may contain higher amounts of THC, or they might be a THC oil infused with CBD. Stay on the safe side, and always read your product labels prior to purchase.

4 You don’t need a prescription to buy CBD
Hemp-derived CBD isn’t a medicine – and no prescription is needed if you want to buy it in-store or online. However, there’s a caveat here. This is only the case if your CBD comes from industrial hemp plants. If the CBD you plan to buy has been extracted from medical marijuana plants, you’ll need a medical marijuana prescription and will need to reside in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Unless this applies to you, always check labels to ensure that you’re buying hemp-derived CBD.

5 CBD oil can be shipped to your door
Our CBD oil is extracted from foreign-grown hemp plants and extracted in accordance with current regulations and requirements in the United States. Nothing we sell is in violation of the US Controlled Substances Act. That means that we can – and do – ship to all 50 states. There’s no need to provide a medical marijuana card or be concerned about legal repercussions when purchasing CBD products from CBD Drip.

6 There’s no one-size-fits-all serving of CBD
CBD is a wellness supplement, not a medicine. Some people find that a small amount taken regularly achieves the desired effect, while others prefer to take it in larger or more frequent quantities. The amount of CBD that works for you will depend on you. Start small and build up until you’ve reached the serving size that’s right for you and remember, it’s impossible to overdose on CBD. So you can rest easy knowing you’re taking a supplement that is 100% safe for you, your family or your pets.

7 There are several delivery methods for CBD
CBD oil is available in multiple delivery methods. These include ingestible liquids, vape pen mixtures, tinctures, and capsules. Each method has slightly different onset and duration lengths, as well as variation in strength. But it all comes down to personal preference.

Capsules. Capsules are the simplest form of delivery. They’re tasteless, odorless and are a good choice for those who want to ensure their dose is consistent and easily regulated. Their onset is a little slower – but the effects tend to last longer.

Oils. Liquids can be ingested or dripped directly beneath the tongue for the fastest onset. Because they can be portioned out, liquids allow more precision around the amount being taken.

Vaping. This involves inhaling vaporized CBD oil into the lungs via a vape pen or mod. CBD oils can be vaped on their own, or in combination with other flavored or nicotine oils. Vaping is fast acting, with the effects felt almost immediately.

8 CBD oil is a topic of major medical interest
CBD is taken for a wide variety of reasons: to support general wellness, for quality of life, and for therapeutic purposes. There’s a huge amount of anecdotal evidence around the benefits of CBD oil, and the scientific and medical communities are responding accordingly. While clinical research is still in its early stages, pre-clinical research suggeststhat CBD oil is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions.